Real Time Data Capture & Tracking

Mitimes captures  the majority of your usual activities – such as emails, telephone calls, appointments, dictations and document creation and editing automatically and in real time.

You can also capture:

  • client and matter data, including fee actuals against budgets/estimates;
  • financial and billing data, including amounts in WIP or on timesheets, and on debtors and trust ledgers; and
  • performance data, including fee earner, department, office and organisation KPIs.

Predictive Intelligence

Intelligent integration with workplace systems lets you capture more time, more accurately

The more you use Mitimes, the better it becomes.  Mitimes analyses past activity and ‘remembers’ data associations (such as those between a contact and a matter).  By doing so, Mitimes can predict and suggest matter numbers, and alert you of potential conflicts of interest.

Meet Compliance Obligations


Through its tracking, reporting and notification capabilities, Mitimes can help you comply with your professional and risk management obligations.

Mitimes can alert you with an email or SMS when a certain event occurs.  Once you receive the alert, with the simple click of a button, you can initiate an automatic (but customisable) workflow.

Below are some examples where you can setup alerts:

  • a financial threshold requires your attention and action;
  • a potential conflict of interest requires your consideration;
  • key dates or milestones, such as the lodgement deadline for a report require your action;
  • you need to commence or authorise an appropriate next step; or
  • your fees have reached 80% of the fee estimate you provided your client and initiate appropriate communication.

 Web & Mobile Capability


Mitimes is completely mobile –  you can log on to Mitimes from any Web browser (including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer), from any Internet-connected device (such as your desktop computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone) using any operating system (including Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS).

You can even be logged on to Mitimes on multiple devices at any given time. Importantly, changes made on one device are almost immediately displayed on your other devices.   

Access Permissions and Restrictions


Your confidential, sensitive and restricted information remains protected.  You have complete control over who sees what – information can only be accessed by those who have the permissions or privileges necessary to access that information.

Configurable Report Generation


Mitimes can generate a number of reports.  These reports may be scheduled, on-demand or event-driven and present client, matter and performance data in a clear, simple and accessible format.



Mitimes currently supports the below applications and we are working on integration with other applications.

  • LexisNexis Affinity
  • BigHand Digital Dictation

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