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Automated timesheets are here.
Mitimes does the hard work on timesheet recording, so you no longer have to.
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The biggest leap in professional services timekeeping in a generation.

How it works

Smart Classification

Capture activity from past billable contacts to your Timesheet and separate the noise in your inbox from the real billing opportunities.

Intelligent Matter Matching

Reduce data entry by shortlisting matters based on the contact.

Final Say One Click Verification

Nothing gets charged without your say.

Benefits for you

Reduce the time you waste manually logging timesheet entries.

'Never forget' auto capture of all your emails, appointments and office phone calls.

Live across your desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Benefits for your Practice

Seamless integration with Lexis, once verified, entries are auto posted to Lexis AffinityTM overnight (or on the spot if you need it quick).

Smart Classification helps your people remember their activities and log them quickly.

Recover lost time, firm wide with our easy to use interface that fee earners want to use.

"Manually recording my time during the day into our old time sheet system was a chore. With Mitimes all my work is automatically captured into my activity feed; completing my daily timesheet is now very easy and accurately captures all of my time."

– Sam Hooper, Lawyer at Tindall Gask Bentley

"Accurately recording chargeable activity is an issue most legal practices face. Even when working on fixed or alternative fee arrangements, we still need to measure our efficiency and time is relevant for that. Since implementing Mitimes, the task of recording and posting timesheets is easier and more accurate. The real time activity feed allows me to focus on delivering our services to clients with the knowledge that I can complete my timesheet quickly and accurately.."

– Brett Cowell, Chairman of Partners Cowell Clarke Commercial Lawyers

Our Philosophy

As lawyers ourselves we’ve created the automatic time recording tool we’ve always wished we had.

We believe the best work is done when the focus is maintained on the real work at hand with time recording seamlessly and automatically in the background.

Help your whole firm stay focused, productive and in the flow.